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General Data Protection Regulations

The Trustee has recently made some updates to their Privacy Notice in line with the new General Data Protection Regulations. The Trustee will collect and process information about you that may be subject to data protection laws.  For more information about how we use and disclose your personal information, how we protect your information, our legal basis to use your information, your rig...Read more >

News for members of the DC Retirement Plan

Following a change to the Company's payroll administration system, the Company has experienced some pension contribution processing issues. All pension contributions up to and including May pay data have been received by Standard Life (the pension scheme Investment Manager), with investment units being purchased on the day of receipt. Unfortunately there is a time delay in the investments app...Read more >

Pension Scams: Don't be next

Thousands of people have lost their life savings after falling for a pension scam. Scammers use a variety of methods to get their hands on people's savings. Often they will entice members of legitimate pension schemes to transfer their benefits to a new scheme by offering 'incentives' and 'loopholes' which in reality do not exist. For example, it is common for scammers to claim that they can 'unlo...Read more >