Alvis Pension Scheme

The Scheme is no longer open to new members but remains open to existing members. 

Find out more about the benefits payable from the Alvis Pension Scheme in the Scheme booklet. Some information on early retirement can also be found on this page.

Contributions to the Alvis Pension Scheme can be made under SMART Pensions paying your contributions in this way means that you could pay lower National Insurance Contributions.

You can also choose to pay Additional Voluntary Contributions. There are a number of investment options and these are outlined in the Prudential Guide to Alvis Fund Options.  

An online tool is available to allow AVC members to view their funds online. If you have an AVC fund, you can access this facility at You can log in using the ID AD27 followed by your National Insurance (NI) number. Your initial password is also your NI number and you will be asked to change this before you continue onto the site.

The Scheme provides benefits if you die so please keep your Nomination Form up to date.

Any questions? Have a look at the Quick help or contact the Administrator via the Pensions Service Centre link.

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