All new employees become members of the DC Retirement Plan on joining the Company.

This page is designed to provide you with information about the DC Retirement Plan. We hope that you will find most of the information you require on this page.  If you have a specific question you could look at the Quick help or alternatively contact the Pensions Service Centre.

Contributions and Investments

Details of the contributions payable by you and the Company can be found in the DC Retirement Plan booklet.

Contributions to the DC Retirement Plan can be paid under SMART Pensions, paying your contributions in this way means that you could pay lower National Insurance Contributions.

Contributions paid by you and the Company are allocated to, and invested in, your DC account with Standard Life.

More information about the funds available, including Lifestyle profiles, can be found in the Investment Guide.

You can access your DC account using the Standard Life link on this page. There you will be able to view your account and make online changes to the investment of your funds. You can also change your target retirement age.

When you become a member,  Standard Life will send you a letter, this will include an activation code, you can either scan the QR code on the letter or go to You will then be asked to enter your activation code and answer a few simple security questions, once you have completed the questions you will be able to manage your DC account online. Please note your activation code is only valid for 30 days. If you don’t log into your account within 30 days, your activation code will expire.

If your code has expired or if you have any problems accessing this service please call Standard Life on 0345 606 0098, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday

To make changes to the level of contributions you pay please use the forms on this page.

Other Benefits

The Plan also provides for lump sum death benefits of six times your basic salary if you die whilst you are an in service member so please keep your Expression of Wish Form up to date.

The Company also provides partial income protection for in service members of the Plan. This is provided under an insurance policy for members who have to stop work due to medical reasons. The replacement income provided under this protection is 50% of your basic salary and is payable for up to five years, subject to meeting the insurer’s policy terms and conditions.

We hope you remain a member of the Plan however if you choose to leave you will need complete the Opt-Out form on this page. Please note you are required to give the Trustees and the Company two months written notice of your intention to leave the Plan. 


The BAE Systems Pension Scheme Area Committees exist to promote a better understanding of issues facing members in the pensions field. Representatives of this committee are able to support members. If you would like to discuss a matter, please refer to the Consultative Committees page for further information and access to contact details of current representatives.