Level and Contribution Changes:April 2018

Level and contribution change forms are available on the scheme pages of the website for members of the following schemes:

BAE Systems Pension Scheme (Levels 125, 167, 187 and 200);

DC Retirement Plan;

Alvis Pension Scheme

Members of these schemes have an annual opportunity to change their base level pension, or the level of contributions paid.

We would like to remind you about this now, so that you have time to tell us if you wish to apply to change your base level pension or contribution level from April 2018.

The deadlines for receipt of forms are:

BAE Systems Pension Scheme (Level 125, 167, 187 and 200) - Friday 9th February 2018

DC Retirement Plan - Tuesday 20th February 2018

Alvis Pension Scheme - Tuesday 20th February 2018

Please ensure that you return your instruction to the correct address as shown on the form.

In the event of any queries, please contact the Pensions Service Centre.


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