Lump Sum AVCs 2017/2018

The form that you need to complete in order to make a Lump Sum Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) from your March salary or bonus (if applicable) is now available. You can download the Lump Sum AVC form from the scheme specific pages:

BAE Systems Pension Scheme (Levels 125, 167, 187 and 200)

BAE Systems Pension Scheme (Level 100+)

Defined Contribution Retirement Plan

BAE Systems 2000 Pension Plan

Alvis Pension Scheme

Royal Ordnance Pension Scheme

Shipbuilding Industries Pension Scheme

We strongly recommend you carefully read the announcement accompanying the form, before you decide whether to make a Lump Sum AVC from your March salary or bonus (if applicable).

You will need to complete and return your form by 9 February 2018 in order for your Lump Sum AVC request to be processed by payroll.

Please be aware that Lump Sum AVC forms and letters are not being posted to home addresses.


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